DIY prop kits

I was looking at this video by kamui. (

I really cool thing we could do for stores and tutorials are kits that include instructions, and precut foam sheets.
The user can them follow the instructions and build the prop out of the foam and we could have a “default finishing guide” around surface prep and colors/paints to deliver a desired result. If there are leds them things like terminated led strips could be included.

We have the facilities (laser cutters, etc…) to produce these on the cheap for con stalls. We could also offer lessons where we can show people techniques and how to build the more complex props. To me this would be the cosplay equivalent of miniatures.


What a great idea, classes where you can take something home are the best.

That’s a brilliant idea.

We’re looking at putting together 20 basic ‘light up a prop’ kits for a workshop to be held 2 weeks after supanova. Attendees can book in at Supanova with a $5 deposit.

The kit will likely include:

  • 2-3 neopixels, or a bar, or a ring
  • A microusb digispark
  • Battery holder (3xAA)
  • Batteries
  • A button

The workshop will be really simple and be examples (with take home code) of how to use it to light up neopixels. We’ll solder the kit together during the workshop in ~2 hours and there’ll be a default program on the digispark.

We could go the next step and make little pokeballs with the button as an led that lights up.

The idea i’m thinking is the black ring connected to a holder of the inside that holds an arduino unit and a button battery. and the white and red spheres clip into the black ring. This could be 3d printed or just use round plastic or wood balls and mill out the places for the electronics to see.

See my “prototype” made from a Styrofoam ball.

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