DLP SLS Printer from brisbane

Has anyone seen this thing?


It’s a DLP based SLS resin printer that is being made by a couple of people here in Brisbane.

I just met one of them last night.

If anyone is interested in making a resin printer there are a couple of DLP projectors at the space that I brought in with this type of thing in mind.

@nathanbeveridge I’ve snagged one already with the aim of building a DLP for the space. I’m currently working with some friends to build one, so once we’re finished that I’ll basically copy paste the design to HSBNE.

Colour me interested, but particularly in resin choices.

Also, you need the right type of projector; specifically one with low pressure Mercury vapour or similar bulb, and limited uv filtering.

Even then the optics need to be up to the task, which is non trivial (the lenses are usually achromatic but only to visible wavelengths. Acrylic optics will degrade quickly under UV).

And I’ve wondered for a while if you can do the peachy printer in reverse; float resin on water and pull the build up out of the bed rather than raising the water level.