Donations to the Electronics Section

Hi Blair,
Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but here it is:
As discussed last week, I did bring three plastic cases with a few toys in them.
2 x DMMs, one ICE4000 with the PIC18F8722 Pod, One Nanoboard NB1- FPGA
Development System with a few FPGAs boards to do R&D, One Nanoboard 3000
with a few toys also, two extra Development/learning FPGA Development Kits (they
are all new in their box), ETC… and one clearview matias PIC ICE.
I left these in the little Tokyo Room in case I arrive too late tomorrow (There is an
Alexa day at Amazon tomorrow in town).

That should help to learn VHDL and/or FPGA as well as Embedded development.

See you tomorrow night, then.