DSO-138 Kits

These DSO kits sell from china at $25AUD postage included. A bit of a tricky build as there are 20 surface mount resistors and a 16-pin smd chip. It took me about 2 hours of build time. DSO 138’s can meaure 10usec/div and 1 millivolt-5volts /div. They are so cheap you could deck out your projects with multiple readouts…


Is there a link to a supplier you can share?

Here is where I purchased the DSO-138.


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Nice! I’ve ordered one. Fun project for my son and me.

How did the build go?

Poorly! I assembled it all, no major hiccups, but the screen just shows white when I turn it on. I ran through the helpful troubleshooting steps provided with the kit, to no avail. It’s sitting in a pile of failure on my workbench.


Do you want a hand trouble shooting it ?

Is the board providing 3.3volts and 5volts etc…at the test points?
One of the surface mount chips lifted on mine and I cant work it anymore…