Dust Collection - Progress

So we finally have some of the parts to start building the dust collection.
I am looking at two options.

  • Hold a couple of large working bees (6 hours) to get a bunch of work done.
  • work on it an hour or so a week (maybe at the regular hangout)


I would also like if someone else could take the lead on the build of this… Josh and I have a number of activities we are progressing and would like to hand this over to someone else to lead.
I will likely be available whenever to help do the work…
So if someone could put their hand up (or more than one) it would be great.

I reckon holding a couple of large working bees might be more effective if enough people can help. Might prevent the project from losing momentum? I wouldn’t be against working on it bit by bit either.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t really be able to take the lead, my schedule is all over the place for the next month or so. As long as we have a discussion(here or at a hangout) about where the ducting is going/how it’s being fixed to the walls etc, the second option of completing it bit by bit isn’t as bad. Most people would be able to work out attaching the duct to the wall, but sending it out to the central table saw/planer/bandsaw area might require suspending it from the rafters? I don’t remember what the ceiling looks like in the woodshop.

I can assist with the design process. Although I’ll second concerns about getting suction to the central area with the table saw. It’s not impossible though. As for the work, many hands make light work especially as there’ll be a decent quantity of large diameter pipe to man handle into place and glue.

I was already wondering if the topic had come up so I’d be glad to take lead on design, although I’m probably not qualified to lead the actual construction process. :stuck_out_tongue:

The main thing with a dust system is deciding whether we’re buying a dust extraction unit, using an existing one (is the existing one powerful enough for the pipe runs we want), or are we building our own?

Pretty sure the plan is to use the existing dust extractor (you may not have seen it, we have a 3 phase one in the container. It’s something like this, not sure on the exact model, could be a bit bigger).

And for the center, I think the plan was to take it up high. Although if people are feeling real adventurous chasing out the slab and pouring some concrete back in over it would work too.

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Ah cool, I’ve only been in the workshop once thus far and had a passing recollection of seeing a small dust collector paired with one of the sanders but couldn’t recollect a large one. Cool so that’s the main challenge already taken care of, holy heck that things big, ok that ain’t going to be a problem. I’ll be in tomorrow so I’ll have a look at what is or isn’t present to support overhead ducting.

The main challenge both with going over and under is that we can’t do 90-degree bends, gotta be as wide a diameter corners as possible to avoid dust dragging against the pipe and building up. Most of the systems I’ve seen have been in larger shops where they can do super long corners so might take me a bit to figure out what’s feasible.

Also going under the slab is probably a really bad idea due to maintainability if we do end up with a giant dust bunny clogging up the system, just a thought at this point though.

On a related note I have some suggestions for the drop saw, but those can wait till the dust system is actually ducted.

Hi All,

Theres definitely an existing plan wrt the ducting system. I’m very time poor atm but I will attempt to get something up for discussion in the next few days.

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