Dust extractor shed

Hi all, I am currently in the process of designing and costing the shed required for the dust extractor.

I will hopefully have the design in the next day or 2, and then will have the estimated cost for the building for voting in the next meeting.

If you have any questions, comments or input, feel free to PM me or hit me up here.


I have a box of plastic concrete anchors and the matching masonry bit. if you’re doing it in wood i have a few boxes of coach screws but you’ll need something else if its in steel.

Thanks, if steel works out more economical ill just use dyna bolts. What size is your masonry bit?

Here is the link to the initial version of the design. http://a360.co/2mOQcZ8 You can D/L it and look more in depth if you wish.

memory says 10mm and the plugs are for 8mm bolts. but I’ll check next I’m in.

Design has been completed, it is here. http://a360.co/2mOQcZ8

If you have suggestions etc. Then reply here or make the improvement and ping me back so i can update it.

The price will have a quote by tomorrow, ill put the couple i get here, if you can get better, also let me know.


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Where does the air compressor end up in this solution? And does the she need to extend out further than the existing concrete culvert ie can it not run parallel to the existing shed/ macarthur avenue?

The designed layout will fit both of them in the same shed.