Electric motorbike

Hey y’all, just a log to let everyone know the specs and status of the electric Suzuki sv650 in the metal shop.

So it’s packing one of these http://www.evdrives.com/product_p/mot-es-15a-6.htm

Pushed by a 2P32S pack of these http://www.a123systems.com/prismatic-cell-amp20.htm

Through one of these http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/curtis-1221c-7401.html

It’s running, hoots like a mad dog but there are a few things I want to upgrade before I trust it at high speed on the highway, mainly cos it’s been a long time tinkering and a lot of the stuff was done Without knowing what I was doing.


Also, ignore the fact my thing says James MacArthur, I just didn’t feel like telling google my name one day and I can’t figure out how to change it.

So one thing I want to do is convert it to belt drive, cos the drive cog is only 11tooth, and I get nightmarish visions of breaking a chain and getting whipped in the arse at high speed. Also it sounds like shit.

The other thing I’m keen to do is a custom dash, with a touchscreen tablet, with a page showing the voltages of the individual cells, and a page with speed and amps and stuff. Maybe another page with trip info.

So if anyone is keen to help out, that’d be awesome. I figure it’d be an awesome thing to put on a resume or do as part of a uni project or something.

James, do you have a photo of this beast?

Sounds impressive!
Yes you don’t want sprockets smaller than about 16T, for efficiency and noise. But a belt would probably be better still if you can keep the tension even - Harleys use them and they’ve got plenty of torque.

Very interested in building one (have been for some years…)
How have you managed to fit all the cells in?
How have you found the available peak current from the batteries? (I thought A123’s were no longer available)

The big question though: how have you gone with rego? My inquiries a couple of years ago led me to think that any custom bike was an individually constructed vehicle (they have no modification schedule for EV bikes like they do with cars) so it is an open ended question in terms of time, money, and if ever. Very off-putting.

Would love to see pix too… shame I can’t get in there Tuesday night.

Hm i dont have any photos on hand, the bike is in the metal shop if you wanna lift the sheet and check it out. Just make sure to wrap it up again. Here’s an evalbum entry i havent updated for ages http://www.evalbum.com/4388

I got the cells off the guy from catavolt racing, they’ve got a race bike and do conversions and stuff. They’re still making the cells after the company fell to bits, calling them b456. The cells can put out way more than the motor can handle, thats the bottle neck. But its got plenty of power for me, at least until I get more confidence in the drive train

My enquiries around getting a conversion registered are summarised here, if anyone is interested. The engineer mentioned seemed very helpful in my discussions with him.
I will probably be pursuing this further, so I may soon be seen making things at the metal shop :slight_smile:

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