Electronics 2017 - Plans and Hopes

Hey guys,

I figured we should put this up for discussion so it’s more visible, but for those of you who were at the last Electronics cause meeting last year ( Notes: Electronics Cause Meeting 29/11/2016) I outlined a plan to:

  • Rebuild the electronics bench along the wall.
  • Hang electronics components drawers under the bench.
  • Build a shelf to hold all the obvious tools and consumables up off the bench so it can be swept easily
  • Replicate our current setup in to at least 2 bays worth of equipment that are the same or functionally similar
  • Acquire transistor sets
  • Acquire dustpans specifically for Electronics
  • Acquire more iso pumps

Some of these have been completed, some not and I want to open the floor to more suggestions to improve the electronics bench area.

I still plan to do the above, but here’s an update since then:

  • Transistor sets and JST-XH/Dupont 2.54 header sets acquired.
  • Dustpans are go, they are the bright pink ones.
  • More iso pumps are on their way from Amazon.
  • As I mentioned in the meeting, the rearrangement of the bench and the building of the shelf are on hold until the green room tables are rebuilt to better use the space and this has been waiting on the new Woodshop table saw.
  • Once those are done, we can set up the bays.

I have a few ideas I’d like to add to the mix and have discussed this at length with some of you but I’m putting it on the forum so everyone can have a say.

  • What do you want to see improved at the electronics bench?
  • How would you feel about the bays being swipe-to-activate so we can improve accountability of users at the bench.
  • Is there anything we’re seriously lacking right now?
  • is the consumables list in this thread still up to date?
  • Is there anything I’ve missed?

In the sense of general improvements, all I can think of is to reduce the clutter, which might be happening when we can setup the bays.

I think that this will be hard to do. As you can’t “swipe” on a Multimeter.
As for the Soldering stations, is it worth the extra effort? As far as I am aware, they don’t seem to be miss handled to often?

As for the rest of your bullet points: don’t think so at the moment.


It is cluttered, cuze we have so much stuff.

No swipe, would be annoying.

Let’s get a LCR meter, didn’t we have one?

Don’t rebuild until new benches are done, down time on electronics will make me cry.