Electronics Bench Refresh 2019

Hi guys,

There’s a few issues with supplies and tools at the bench currently that we could resolve pretty quickly by stocking up again. I ask for these please be put forward for voting at the next Electronics Cause meeting @merseyless which I would ask be soon.

Firstly, we have no sidecutters. I’d suggest we buy:

Secondly, we have a plethora of multimeters which is great but all bar 1 have working batteries as people keep leaving them on.

A while back we bought some auto-power-off meters and those worked fine (and actually walked) and I’d like to suggest we get similar again but with a focus on getting new batteries for the larger meters (and/or ones with auto off too) and .a stock of smaller integrated ones that will do the basic tasks most people need them for.

This meter has good reviews, does the basics (sans current consumption readings/temp) and I can get them for around $15 each from China. I’d like to suggest we get 10 of them at a budget of $150

This meter would be good for more advanced bench use but only can meter 200ma of current, goes for around $25 each. I’m proposing we get 4 at a budget of $100 - https://www.banggood.com/AN8004-Auto-Range-Digital-Multimeter-Backlight-AC-DC-Ammeter-Voltmeter-Meter-Resistance-Tester-p-1148388.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

These things would stock us up for a little for the basics and give us room to focus on upgrading the bench in general.

With regards to upgrading the bench, I’d like to split the bench so there’s two distinct bays with:
1* Soldering Iron
1* Hot Air Station
1* Oscilloscope
1* Power Supply
1* Function Generator
1* Bench Multimeter

In order to do this, we need to purchase another hot air station. I’d suggest the same as we have (Atten or similar brand 858d) with a budget of $100.

If there’s better options than the ones I’ve provided, please reply with links to prices/reviews/reasons for them being better and we can go from there :slight_smile:

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Paging @merseyless, it’d be great to get some movement on this and the bench in general, can you please call an electronics cause meeting.

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