Electronics Cause Meeting - 18 June 2019

Hi folks,

We will be having our first post-AGM Electronics Cause meeting on Tuesday, the 18 of June at 8PM.

If you’d like to add anything to the agenda, please post below.

$450 Budget for a second Thermaltronics TMT-2000S (K series handpiece).https://rmscomponents.com.au/shop/soldering/solder-station-470khz/
$100 Budget for a second k series handpiece for our existing Thermaltronics TMT-200S - https://rmscomponents.com.au/shop/soldering/solder-h-piece-suits-tmt-2000s/
$100 Budget to get a range of k series tips to fill out our existing selection.

Switching our Induction Soldering Irons across to K-series tips.

So we’ve had a fairly common issue with the induction soldering irons, both the Metcal and the Thermaltronics where the S series tips we’ve been using have been inserted back to front or in the wrong direction. This is solvable with training but we can’t always train people to fix these issues. Additionally, the s series tips are becoming harder to source and our local supplier RMS components only supplies K-type tips now.

So, firstly I’m proposing that we firstly get a second TMT-2000S as the one we have now is working reliably. Secondly, we move to k-type tips for both of these irons, as the k-type connectors don’t have any small pins inside that can be bent out of shape by inserting them the wrong way and you can actually rotate the tip in the handpiece instead of having to argue with the silicone wire on the handpiece.

To this end, I’m proposing the following budgets:

Just updating the thread, it seems RS don’t stock the TMT-2000s anymore, but RMS who we have been getting tips locally from does. I’ve updated the links to RMS’s website.

I’m also seeking interest for workshops, so if you have an Electronics workshop idea you need help to get off the ground and running let’s explore that in this meeting.

Meeting Minutes:

Cause Members Attending:

  1. David Buzzenschutt
  2. Michael King
  3. Lincoln Phillips
  4. Blair Calderara
  5. Jaques Botte
  6. Timothy Reichle
  7. Pierce Baranoff
  8. Brendan Halliday
  9. James Churchill (Proxy)
  10. Alexander Uhde (Proxy)

Meeting Opened at 8:02PM


  • Approx $2000 in cause funds available.
  • Vote on $650 total budget to buy new TMT-2000S iron with K type handpiece, K type handpiece for the existing TMT-2000S iron and the remainder to be spent on new tips for these irons. None against, none abstaining. Motion passed.
  • Discussion about workshops, we need members to step up to run them. Brendan (nog3) happy to support anyone wishing to run a workshop, please come speak to him about it. Blair wanting to run some, Pierce wanting to run some on Combat Robotics. Matt S suggested as a new member who would be interested in running them.

Meeting closed at 8:06PM.