Electronics Cause Meeting - 19 Feb 2019

Posting for Blair as his computer has died and he can’t post it.

Time: 8:30 pm
After General meeting
Date 19/02/2019

If you can’t attend this meeting, please either fill out the proxy form in the portal at http://portal.hsbne.org or please send
through the following proxy form before the meeting to


I, of (insert address), being a member of the association, appoint
(insert name) of (insert address) as my proxy to vote for me on my
behalf at the Digifab Cause meeting of the association, to be held on
the day of (date) and at any adjournment of the meeting.
Signed this day of (date).



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Here’s the Meeting Minutes


  • Jaimyn Mayer
  • Alexander Uhde
  • Michael King
  • Lucas Oldfield
  • Tim Reichle
  • Ian Redmond
  • Steve Jordan
  • Blair Calderara
  • James Beecham
  • Brendan Halliday
  • James Churchill.

Meeting opened 8:15PM


  • Brendan Halliday is stepping up to take on Cause Leadership.
  • A forum post will be going up for monthly hangout on off-meeting weeks for Electronics Cause.
  • Plan to have monthly themed or lightning talks, discussion around topics results in the following first two topics:
    1. Home Automation
    2. Lithium Battery Recycling
  • The bench is going to be rearranged to have two separate bays at either end of the long bench with equal amounts of gear in each (Soldering Iron, Hot Air, Bench Power Supply, Function Generator, Bench Multimeter, Oscilloscope) and anything else will be in the middle.
  • Interlocks will be going in on these bays, with an hour timeout for safety and they will allow access by default.
  • Lucas wants ESD Mats.with ESD Wrist Strap
  • Blair would like us to get a RF Connector Adaptor Assortment Kit


Meeting Closed: 8:40 PM