Electronics Cause Meeting - 21 Jan 2020 8:30PM

Hi folks,

New year, time for an electronics cause meeting! This will be held in the Classroom after the general meeting on 21 Feb at approx 8:30 (depending on meeting time).

If you have any agenda items to add, please post them below so we can run through them in the meeting. Please note the cutoff for agenda items for this meeting will be midnight Thu 16 Feb 2020 to ensure everything is up in time for discussion.

If you cannot attend it is imperative that you submit a proxy online at https://portal.hsbne.org/proxy/

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I’d like to ask for a budget of up to $1200 to build two more electronics bays.

This would include purchasing the following to duplicate the existing two bays:

The plan would be to reconfigure the existing bays with similar lower end power supplies and to then have a bay of just higher end power supplies and battery charging and another dedicated to test equipment (Oscilloscopes, function generators, LCR meters etc).

Sorry guys, please note this will be 21 Jan, not 21 Feb. 2020 isn’t going THAT fast yet.

Elephant14 every few months have the “Tenma” re-badge of the Korad-3003 on sale for $90.

At 3A 30V it is lower power than the one linked, but it has the advantage of already grounded and semi safe unlike efforts from bangood that probably need to be disassembled to scrape off paint and ground the case.

Also is a 60V supply considered dangerous as it is capable of going over 50V?

This is actually a good point, I’ve done this to my cheaper chinese one to be sure but an e14 option is probably better, especially since this isn’t meant to be a high power option - 3A 30v would be plenty for what most people are doing. I’ll hunt down these ‘tenma’ units as my preferred option for the supplies.

Hi all,

Just a reminder that this meeting is on tonight. If you’re a cause member and unable to attend it’s important that you submit a proxy either by filling out the proxy form at https://portal.hsbne.org/proxy/ or emailing the same content to secretary@hsbne.org.

Minutes for this cause meeting have been published on the wiki at https://wiki.hsbne.org/meetings/causes/electronics/20200121

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