Electronics Lightning Talks - Electric Vehicles - DATE TBA

(Brendan Halliday) #1

Hi folks,

I’d like to organise ahead of time our next Lightning Talks event, which will be on the topic of Electric Vehicles.

We have a breadth of experience throughout the space with people building and modifying their own electric vehicles so it’d be great to get some of you up to talk about what you’ve done. This extends all the way from electric cars through to personal electric vehicles and even toolboxes on wheels.

The plan is to have members speak for 5-10 minutes each about their Electric Vehicle projects, with time scaling for how many interested parties we get.

If you’d be interested in speaking at this, please reply to this thread.

I am however tagging the following members as I personally know they have things they could present:
@riumplus @crofty @buzz @lhovo

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(Hovo) #2

I could maybe touch on the ev charging side, if that’s of interest.

(Brendan Halliday) #3

Exactly what I was hoping you could touch on, I also know you have access to a Nissan Leaf :slight_smile:

(Jackson Holmes-Matheson) #4

Yes please, When do these talks happen, I’m brand new here.

(Brendan Halliday) #5

I’ll update this thread and create public events on facebook and eventbrite once we have a date. Just getting commitment from members to talk first :slight_smile:

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