Electronics Lightning Talks - Home Automation - DATE TBA

Hi folks,

As mentioned at the last general meeting, we’ll be having a lightning talk format event on the 2 of April where members can come and talk about their home automation system, problems they’ve encountered and what hardware they’re using.

If you’re interested in talking at this, please reply in this thread. I’d probably allow 5-10 minutes for talking for each interested member and then maybe 5 minutes for questions afterwards.

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Up for it.


Ok, reviving this.

I’ve created a doodle poll to determine everyone who is speaking’s availability, which at this point in time I know is @pelrun @ian.kerr.redmond @jabelone If anyone else would like to present, please let me know in this thread and on the availability poll.

Poll is up at https://doodle.com/poll/hmvrav6svmws4bxn, please select the options you’re available for so we can sort out a new date.

Hi folks, currently the most popular option for those willing to present is 16 July at 7PM. Facebook event going up shortly.

At this point in time we have @ian.kerr.redmond and @jabelone presenting. If anyone else would like to speak at this about their home automation setup I’d appreciate it and can provide support to get you up and speaking.

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