Electronics restock

Just letting everyone know that I’ve just used the money donated from the toffee and baked goods to partially restock our electronics.
we now have all of the important part of the E12 series in resistors (never more than 10% error for any chosen value of resistor) as well as LED’s, transistors, stripboard and GLORIOUS SOLID CORE HOOKUP WIRE.

Everything to do up basic circuits is there now. Just need to rejumble and restock the capacitors and look into more interesting things to stock/have in vending machine.

$33.70 from donations. ~$42 spent. Thanks for making this happen guys.


I believe that some of these arrived yesterday and @merseyless has stocked some of them into the electronics consumeables wall?

Correct, we are now fully stocked on resistors and transistors, everything with a clear label is new. The solid core hookup wire and stripboard also came in, hookup wire is with the soldering supplies and the stripboard is in one of the larger draws on the wall. Next up is new cables and capacitors, these have already been ordered from eBay.