Electronics Workshops Interest

So I’ve got a couple of workshop ideas percolating at the moment that I’d like to run and I’d like to gauge interest in them before investing time and money. If you’re interested in any of these, please either like this post or reply.

  • IOT Doorbell - Program and configure a customized push-light to turn it into a doorbell that alerts you via IFTTT.
  • IOT Light and Tilt Light - Build a simple RGB worklight which you can remotely change the pattern or color via a smartphone or website.

These sound really interesting. These ideas are high the types of technologies on my ‘To Learn’ list. Will have to chat more about it when I see you.

Yes please!

Yes I am keen.

While I’m at it, who would be interested in a workshop where you build a 16x16 led pixel box like this:

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Yes I have an 8 year old into Mind-craft who would like one of those