EOI Brain Hacking

Hey all,

Would anybody be interested in a begginers meditation class (secular teaching)?

Daily meditation has been shown to stimulate gray matter growth in the brain, promote mental calm and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Was thinking about running through some theory, then practice with say 1/5/15/30 minute sessions depending on comfort levels.


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I’d meditate with you.

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I’ll give it a shot. Any idea when?

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Yep, I’m interested.

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deliver me my zen :smile:

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Alright ill organise something for next week

Ok, so looking to make it 19:00 next Monday.


Damn, I can’t do that time. Work…

Can I just check @Hally @Thermoelectric @theban your still interested and good for 7pm tonight?

Yeah I’ll be there…

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Hey bud. Sorry I missed the last session. I hope you are still keen to do another soon!

For sure, should me able to do one this week.

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i would be interested