EOI for Wood Workshop Tool Inductions


Sorry @devians, I voted for tonight but will have to cancel. Hopfully catch another one soon :slight_smile:

(Claire Tracey) #22

Im sorry my car has just gone caput. Iwont be able to make it to the induction tonight. Unless anyone is coming from the Southbank area and can give me a lift? I’m at QCA :slight_smile:

(Alex Wixted) #23

You can get the city cat to HSBNE, last stop on the line at Northshore Hamilton

(Claire Tracey) #24

Thanks I’ll see if I can get a lift with Cris otherwise I’ll jump on the cat. I’ve heard it takes awhile so might be a bit late.

(lachie.britton) #25

Yes I’d be keen for tonight.
Lachie britton


Thanks guys and gals for the wood shop inductions tonight :ok_hand:t2:

(Al) #27

Just chasing the table saw question sheet please…