EOI for Wood Workshop Tool Inductions

Hey guys, Getting an expression of interest of those who are also wanting to get inducted onto the various wood shops tools so we can get a few of us together for a session.


I would be interested in being inducted.
Ben Robinson

I’d be up for that too

I’d be super keen for this too! Thanks Lou for instigating it : )

Yes please!

@devians YAY looks like we have a nice group coming together, did you have some dates that best suit you that we can start to work around? : )

Thanks for organizing this. I can do sometime this weekend or next tuesday.

I don’t have formalised inductions for the a3-31 or the n4400 yet so you might all be guinea pigs.

If we go through everything it will probably be like 4-6 hours.

Thanks Devians !
I am available on both the weekend and on Tuesday.

Does from 10am this sat suit? It would be a turn up on time and be there for a while thing. More people means the whole process takes longer.

I’m Only available on Tuesday night unfortunately.

Tuesday night would be best for me I can come in anytime from 5. Got soccer saturday so would only be able to come in 10 to 11.30.

We can do a limited amount of inductions on Tuesday Nights as we generally wont start before at least 7pm.
Additionally this week coming is the AGM so there will be no time.

Select a day and we will see what we can work with.

  • Saturday 21 April 10am-2pm
  • Thursday 26th April 6-9 pm
  • Tuesday 1st May 7-9 pm (limited spots and time)

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It may also be possible to do some inductions on the 25th (Anzac day). But I don’t want to commit @devians or myself at this stage.

Just FYI if anyone’s planning to turn up I have no plans to do so at this stage (for Saturday, due to lack of interest) :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
Brad here, I’m a new member as well, I’m keen for an induction as well . I voted for Thursday night session, though Anzac Day would probably be OK as well.

I’m keen, please count me in. :smile:

Me too

I do Tuesdays and very sporatic weekends. I am so laz I have had a finished tablesaw induction test sitting in my member storage for 6 months.

I’ll be in tonight around 6-6:30, will aim to start stuff by 7 and be done by 10:30.

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Induction tonight?

Yes, tonight :slight_smile: