EOI - Mechanical Workshop - New Team

Hi all,


The automotive team idea seems to be lacking traction ( Reviving the automotive team ) but it would be sad to lose the capabilities and space.
During the meeting agenda discussion of the 11th of January 2022 ( 11/01 meeting agenda ) there is a mention of retiring causes and their allocated spaces.


Thats why I would like to propose a mechanical team/Mechanical workshop. A space where you can work on/assemble/degrease/grease/oil pushbikes, electrical vehicles, normal vehicles (bikes, cars, vans…) and any other parts (gearboxes, chains…).

There is an allocated space ( New container layout ) for the automotive team that can be transformed into a mechanical workshop (together with an undercover outdoor space).

The other area’s are not suited to this because:

  • The metalshop is too dirty (swarf from machining)
  • The greenroom is too clean to have these projects.

So some examples to visualise the use:

A DIY EV pushbike conversion could work like this:

  1. Make brackets in the Metalshop
  2. Design the electronics at the electronics bench
  3. Modification/Final assembly in the Mechanical workshop area

A #Vanlife conversion could work like this:

  1. Design and cut the wooden interior in the Woodshop
  2. Design the electronics/12v at the electronics bench
  3. Use the Craftpunk area for some final touches
  4. Final assembly in the Mechanical workshop area

So where do we start?

  • If you are interested in helping to start up and maintain this team, let me know!
  • If you are a starving hacker and looking for a couple of hours of volunteering/month, let me know and we can work something out!

As soon as we have some members that are interested we can discuss the layout of the container (workbenches and storage).
Any other feedback, thoughts or ideas are more than welcome!



I’m in… whether you call it automotive or mechanical.
Just let me know what you need. Probably best to get together some time.

We’ll also need to have an appealing project on the go for the open day later this quarter.


Hi Raf,

I’m new here and still finding my feet, but your proposal sounds like something I’d be keen to get involved with
I’m a Bicycle mechanic by trade, with a lot of experience setting up/running workshops
Also an avid car/engine tinkerer

Let me know how I can help!

I’m new AND I know basically nothing useful. However, I constantly plan motorbike projects and currently have two project bikes in varying states of disrepair due to my lack of tools and/or expertise. Despite this, I even bought a ute (???!?) to make doubling down on this interest easier and cheaper. So happy to help out when I can (though working a lot and FT uni does put some limits on that), but also just keen to establish interest in such a team/cause!

Great! Good to hear there is some interest and need for it.

@White We definitely would need something nice for the open day!

@Bikemad It sounds like you have the perfect background and interests for this team! If you are keen, I am sure there is plenty of people that would be interested in a Bicycle workshop.

@unmeg Those are the perfect projects for this team and space! I sadly enough don’t know anything about motorbikes (but wanting to learn), but with the right preparation and tools nothing can be too difficult.

As for possible dates to catch up which are logical (to me).

  • Tuesday the 25th at 7 PM → So we catch up just before the next General meeting which is at 8 PM
  • Saturday the 29th (part of the working bee ) → we catch up and can possible get started preparing the container space, or join the general working bee. No pressure to join the working bee.

It’s awesome that this area has some interest! I think it’s a great capability to have. If there’s interest in motorbikes, I think a good tyre changing & balancing workflow would be cool to implement.

I’m super thrilled to see this get traction! :wink:

I’ve offered to hang out with people interested in craft punk at 11am on saturday to help them figure out what they want to do re a team.

Would some/all of you like to hang out as well? we can do it same time or a diff time same day. Let me know!

I have the front part of a basic bicycle, or wheel stand. The back part might still be at the space. If we want to do a mechanical area, let know know and I can bring in the stand qnd look for the back part…

I am flexible so I can come over if anybody else can make it!

Sounds good @Raf, I’ll be in on the 25th for various things in the evening so could definitely catch up at 7. I was keen to come to the working bee but now unsure of work commitments :frowning:

@Bikemad Sounds good. I will see you there!

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If there is anybody else interested and wants to have a chat about what we can do with the mechanical workshop, let me know! I will be at the space tomorrow at 7PM.

@Bikemad I am the guy that walks around with a dog. :wink:

@White , @unmeg We can meet another time if you can’t make it tomorrow.

Hey sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth.

@Raf - I’ll be in tomorrow night. My only constraint is I’m booked in for some metalshop induction(s) but I think that wraps up at 7pm!

@unmeg , No worries, I will see you tomorrow!

@Raf I also plan on being there tomorrow night. Catch you then.

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Sounds good @Raf, also booked in for welding induction but should breeze through that to catch up at 7, catch you all then!

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Both of your examples involve electronics and some form of fabrication. Why not incorporate Electronics into Mechanical Team making a Mechatronics Super Combo. Electronics on its own has no identity, no meaning, no sole purpose. Its an enabler work station that hold no single master and commander. You wont not follow the Electronics team into battle, but you cant go into battle without electronics.

As such the area get used and abused from all different directions while solving similar issues across a diverse range of teams, projects and space equipment… the space gets no love back by the membership and teams that depend on it having the instruments, crimpers and soldering equipment to keep things working.

It would be equivalent to a shared tool chest with nuts, bolts and screw trays. Every team wants different types of screws, nails, nuts, bolts, washers, metals… so the tool chest become wild and instantly falls in a pit of despair… remeber the nuts and bolts bin with random everything in it?

Each team around hacker space keeps their own set of tooling, nuts, bolts and components specific to the work area as the teams know what needs to be maintained in that supply station. Every team uses electronics for their own purpose. Electronics has no defined purpose, thus its neglected.

Its 2022! there are electronics in throw away toys that come in cerael boxes ffs… yet we have instruments from the 1980’s and put it in display for all uni students to admire our freebies and dumpster diving ability… hoarding…

I say give Electronics a teather to a team that will use it MOST and for the widest range of tooling, complexity and safe DC voltage ranges…


How does the YaG go Pow Pow?


Whats in the laser cutters?

Mechanical shit

Whats in Cars?

Electronics and Engines n shiet…

What’s in a Tesla?


Say it with me… Mech… A… Tronics :slight_smile:

p.s. Electronics area can get dirty too… It just needs to be cleaned after… Its not a dust free zone, but it will become an ESD safe zone…

We do require a good area for IPA washing and PCB cleaning with adequate containments and disposal of chemicals. Stencils require cleaning too… Fume extraction would be ideal…