Equipment induction 31/8 or 1/9

Hi there, I’m a new member keen on woodwork who completed the table saw induction just after joining but was hoping to do the thicknesses and bandsaw. Hoping someone might be around this weekend that could assist.

Hi John, if no one has run you through on the bandsaw or planer I’d be happy to. I’m mainly available after 3 on the weekends or afternoon/night during the week.

Thanks Mac, i’m heading in today and was planning to come in one night this week in the hope of catching someone. let me know when suits and thanks again

What time were you planning on going in today? I think I’m free the rest of today at the moment. Otherwise thursday night always works for me.

See you Thursday thanks Mac

See you then, I’ll be in tomorrow night at about 6pm if that suits you?

Great, thanks Mac. See you then.