Ergodox mechanical keyboard group buy

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to get 10 boards made for the ergodox EZ keyboard which should be enough for 5 keyboards. The keyboard runs QMK which has a fantastic configurator.

The run will cost around $50 aud for the 10 boards, for a cost per keyboard of $10AUD.
You will also need 80 keys, an ergodox keycap set, a teensy 2.0, a MCP23018 and a case.

I’ll happily buy in 5 MCP23018 from RS for the group buy.


  • $10 PCB
  • $10 Teensy 2.0
  • $2 MCP23018
  • $32 80 keys
  • $30 keycaps

Total of $83
The case can be either 3d printed or lasercut acrylic.

Let me know if you are interested! Once you clack, you never go back.

I just bought an ez.

I’ll take 2.