Exposed 240v

While I was cleaning today I discovered someone left this power cable in, with exposed wires on the other end.

This is how people die.

Also, Found some pieces of wood outside filled with nails, lying nail side up. Again, not the best thing to have at hackerspace.
However, the space now has bench space and the brown box of stuff to be put in the bone yard is half full.

What the fudge. that is totally not cool in any way. If you did this, you
should seriously reconsider why you are a member.

Going by the yellow tagged cables this is plugged in at the electronics
bench which makes it even more likely for someone to get electrocuted by it.

Do we have to induct members on what electricity is?

Alternatively, do we need to specify an area ala ‘this is the room with too
much power’ for people to be aware that dangerous things may happen within?
I don’t think that sits well with our public liability insurance.