Extra Social day / Project backlog

I have been putting off doing a bunch of projects because i only usually come in to HSBNE on the Tuesday and well, its the social night. So i forced myself in on Saturday and got soooo many projects done!

After speaking with a few members i’m curious the general feel out there for a regular ‘project based’ social day, where you can come in a work on projects and absorb the creative energy of the space. Also project together or alone and help each other out with questions on all sorts of stuff like design, materials and how to use HSBNE equipment.

Is there a day that works for other members? I’m going to throw saturday and Thursday out there.

Saturday project bananza

Firstly Thank you to all the members who cleaned up after themselves and others, the green room was Amazingly Clean! Excellent member behaviour!

Having such a well looked after and equipped electronics bench is phenomenal. Thanks @merseyless

Using the new soldering tips and the bench magnifying glass i fixed my ear bud headphones.

note to self, don’t walk away from plugged in device when listening to music

Fixed a Ryobi battery someone let the tide into (not hsbne’s battery). Luckily the smoke came out of only 2 components, a resistor and a diode, which was excellent. Having the microscope made the process so easy.

now it works like a charm

If you have a broken battery pack they are pretty easy to fix, and if not, use the battery for other purposes like making a tesla power wall

Thanks @buzz for your help with the vaccum cleaner i was identifying the issue with.

I think we found it.
@sven once said, “you suck so hard i should work for dyson”. Well clearly not :wink:

Thanks @merseyless for helping me with an audio mixer for my reel to reel machine. Very much appreciate you helping me with component selection!

Project Social Day Thoughts?