FashHack HSBNE Participation

Our partners at LT2 have extended the offer for us to participate in the upcoming FashHack in any shape or form that we like. From what I understand, FashHack will be a weekend long event in June like the traditional hackathons where the aim is for participants to create a piece of clothing.

See here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-06-21/fashhack-brings-fashion-and-technology-together-in-sydney/6561530
And their website: http://fashhackaustralia.com/

I’d like to suggest we hold an electronics station for participants to add LEDs, sensors, small solar panels etc to their fashion with our assistance. For this we need members who are versed in the cosplay or electronics areas to volunteer - If you are interested, please comment below before next Tuesday the 10th. If we have at least five keen members, I will go ahead and confirm our participation in the event. We can have a chat next week to work out some details, and any further thoughts/ideas are also much appreciated below.