Fibreglass/ Carbon Vacuum forming

I am looking to reconnect with someone who has vacuum forming skills for carbon fibre/ fibreglass. I have just created the mould will tooling gel coat and many layers of double bias/ chop stand. Finger crossed the plug comes apart… or this may be for nought.

I had some pointers to go down this direction at HSBNE on Tuesday nights and I am looking to reconnect, so any contact details would be appreciated. Looking for guidance from experts.

Chris Noonan


I have done some work in that area in the past. Ask for me if you make it in on a Tuesday night.


Thanks Sven,
Do we have a vacuum pump anywhere?

I remember a tall surfer person who came regularly at the start of the year, was into building his own surfboards with vacuum bagging. Been hoping to catch up with him also, but haven’t seen him for a while.


We do have a couple vacuum pumps. There is a cheapy from Bunnings and a medical one that is off the hook.

I know the surfer dude, I give him a call.
Are you coming in tonight?


Hi Sven,

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I turned this down on Tuesday, so it should fit 1/4 " air fittings. I think I can make a clip for it out of cylindrical PVC or spring steel and it will need a small gasket.

I am looking for a vacuum relief valve to have control over the amount of suction. I think SMC make one that will fit.


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Hi Sven
Did the laminate to night

However the vacuum pump gets very warm. Think an electronic feedback from
the regulator I have purchased back to switch the pump duty cycle would be
the best way forward