(Tristan Gough) #1

the tools page on the wiki lists a Filastruder but i didn’t see it when i was visiting and i cant find too much information about it on the forums
did it ever exist?
is it still around?
i just thought it sounded cool but i cant find anything about it so if someone could catch me up that would me much appreciated

(James Churchill) #2

It exists, and is hiding in DigiFab. Nobody ever got around to trying it out though!

So while nobody can give you a tutorial on how to use it, if you’re game to figure it out and teach us we’d be all for it. :smiley:

(Tristan Gough) #3

well i am the adventurous type
i will make sure to keep photographic records and report once i have found and attempted it
my induction is scheduled for the 20th so i will probably make an effort to do it within a week of that