Finally rocking on

Many many days ago, in a shopping venture far away, I came across the granniest of granny chairs, and was enraptured. Ignoring my (at the time) housemate’s remark of “Looks a bit shagged to me”, I wrestled my newfound treasure into the back of a Volkswagen Polo and vowed then and there (well, somewhere along Beaudesert road) that I would restore my curvy, flower-embellished Thone of Nanna to a form of glory.

Today, after reassuring myself far too many times that it’d be fine to sit in a chairs that’s missing as many screws and bolts as it actually had, I took the first step in the process of pimpin’ out my geriatric rocking horse- taking the damn thing apart.

Taking references photos in case this goes belly up

Dealing with weird string tape stuff, obviously used by the last person to attempt restoration to glory

Hmmmm, splintering isn’t good, is it?

So many holes, the jokes write themselves.

Securing for optimal removal

Now just to find all the damn screws

My helpers

Securing the murky bottom

Sorry there spiderbro dude!

Deconstructed hipster granny chair of future glory



Today I wasn’t feeling oh so well, so I called it in, rested, drank some tea and cuddled puppers, and decided to do this update.

I’ve been slowly sanding back pieces when the mood takes me, but also was a bit stuck on how to deal with some delamination on one big piece, so I’ve taken some time to research it, and next on the shopping list is some proper clamps - the process is to clear out the space between the layers, get wood glue in there and then clamp it together to dry. Hopefully my next update will include that!

The other bit I was stuck on was taking apart the seating pieces. I couldn’t see/tell if there was any special woodworking trick that held the pieces together or dark sorcery, so I consulted @ITP88. He couldn’t see any bits of unicorn horn either, so glue it must be, and therefore panels that could be easily pushed out.

Now, I have all the upper body strength you’d expect of a 30-something female in the teaching profession, so I had to come up with a smarter way of separating the panels than brute force. So I used gravity and a piece of firewood leftover from the last time we went camping to do this. By carefully placing the firewood against the board and leaning my bodyweight onto the frames, I managed to separate the four pieces out. Result

So now I have two more bits of wood to add to the sanding pile, and I need to decide whether I should try and salvage the two panels and put new foam/fabric on them, just recover over the top of what’s already there, or check them both and try to cut new panels and then cover that.

There has been a progress. Not much, but better than a kick in the unmentionables.

There has been sanding, so much dust.

Brendan also helped me out by doing a piece, and teaching me how to use a dremel to sand out the trickier corner bits. It was a bit rough while I got the hang of it.

So, now I have some nicely sanded out bits, and am now just over halfway done with sanding. Can’t wait to be done!

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