Finding a ctick or CE PSU with IEC socket 300W+

We are looking for a ctick or CE PSU with IEC socket 300W+ to drive the prusa based rifrap 3D printer we are open sourcing @

Currently our PSU has a CE marking on it, but we need one with the IEC socket to comply with Australian standards.

According to triffid hunter ATX supplies wont do-

“the trouble with most ATX supplies is that you have to suck 1-2A from the 5V rail (and deal with produced heat) or the 12v voltage will bounce and sometimes they go into overvoltage protection when the bed heater turns off”

Most of the HSBNE members I know of just use ATX power supplies without issue, but drawing a couple of amps on the 5v rail is a simple task if that’s what you think you’ll need. There is a heap of useful USB powered stuff (hence natively 5v) you can buy, or just whack a correctly sized (rerember it doesn’t need to be exact, anything 2-5 amps will do) heater coil, 10w is a lot less heat than your average light bulb anyway, so its not hard to deal with passively.

Anyway without getting into exact details, if you need a IEC socket and consumer friendly packaging (like no exposed contacts, fan so it doesn’t overheat ect) then a used ATX supply is probably still your cheapest and most commonly available option.

what happens if no load is present on the 5V rail?

I’m wondering if I plug in a 2.5 ohm 15W resistor, and it failed, what would an ATX PSU do?

Probably nothing, as I said, most printers at HSBNE are running ATX supplies without any kind of extra tampering and don’t have any real power input issues as far as I know, but if you think a 2amp 5v load will stabilize your 12v rail then more power to you. The only thing I’d worry about with a resistor is if it fails, it could get very hot, so make sure its not placed on\near anything flammable.

I got one of these…

no idea if it works yet.

There’s no IEC socket on that Dynamite so its not what we are looking for.

sorry your right, i knocked the end of an IEC for it.
i knew i bought an IEC for it.

Why do no printers run of 240v, is it just because it’s scary? Heat up times to like 200 is bullshit long.

Because its scary I think is the reason. We had a few 240v heat pads when we were building mendel max printers, switched with an SSR.

12v is cheap, purchase a computer PSU.
24v starts getting a little more interesting (my system is running 24v)
240v ac has a bit more added risk as most only have the RCD in the switchboard as a fall back if something goes wrong.

How are ebay sellers able to sell 12V PSU’s on ebay in australia saying they are ctick, and they have CE written on them but without an IEC socket? Does anything every go down for this?

I think you will find that there is a lot of fakes on the market