Flooded roads around the space

Just a reminder that we’re situated near the river in a low-lying, flat suburb. When entering or exiting the space, I recommend you only take the main way down Macarthur Avenue that puts you near Portside Wharf and the roundabout. Don’t try taking any other detours or shortcuts during or after large downpours like right now, particularly the shortcut to the space through the backstreets if you had just come across the Gateway bridge. Here there be flooded roads!

In related news, it turns out my electric car can make it through water a ute can’t as everything’s sealed waterproof and there’s no air intake or exhaust to flood and stall the motor. Um, I thought it was just yet another shallow puddle, I forgot the road dips there. Oops. Wouldn’t have risked it if I’d known. Don’t drive through flooded water people!