For Sale: 10" Android tablet (Zenithink ZT282 C91 Upgrade)

Make an offer (cash or swap), or weld the muffler onto my car and it’s yours.

For sale is a “Zenithink ZT282 C91 Upgrade” (that entire string is the product name, leave off Upgrade or C91 and you’re googling the wrong item).
The model numbers are all confusing with Zenithink, so to clear confusion this is the 10" capacitive model with the Cortex A9 (not the resistive, A8 or 512MB model).

I’m sure you can find the specs on this but here they are for convenience:
10" TFT LCD 1024x600 16:9.
Capacitive touch (10 points at once).
CPU: Amlogic M3 Cortex A9 (overclockable, stock 1GHz but can handle up to 1.2GHz).
GPU: Mali 400.
Micro SD slot.
Ethernet (wired) socket 10/100.
WiFi b/g/n.
Micro USB OTG socket.
Full size USB host socket (at 5v).
Mini HDMI socket.
3.5mm audio socket.
9v barrel jack charger.
3500mAh 7.2v battery (so that you can use USB host away from mains power)
2MP Front facing camera and built in mic.

Aftermarket roms and support are available on SlateDroid.

I’m selling (or swapping) this because I don’t use it and I want to fund other Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects.

Would you consider donating this to the space at all for the interface for the tool armoury? (always worth an ask). We’re getting a tablet donated but until its in my hot little hands I’ll be pinging all the resources.

Right now my financial situation is pretty dire, so donations that have monetary value are tough (I could otherwise sell this stuff on Dumbtree to fund car repairs). However I’ll gladly donate it if you could find somebody willing to do the aforementioned welding job. It’s only 2 circular welds to 2.5" steel tube from a stainless muffler of a bit thicker guage. I think it would only take 20 minutes or less for a boilermaker.

how much are you chasing?

I’d take $60 for it.

Ill take you up on the offer pending a few answered queries. What kind of car? How bigs the hole? Can you bring it to the space?

Peugeot 206 GTi. Not a hole, need new muffler welded on. Yes can bring to space.

Are you going to be in this evening?

Yeah, just working out dinner on the way and I’ll be in before 8pm.