For Sale: Brand New Prusa i2 from

I’ve literally just finished assembling and testing this printer today, and it’s only printed two parts, both successfully!
It’s made from a “kit”…

  • fully stainless steel rods and threads
  • all-linear-bearings
  • including pre-assembled RAMPS electronics kit
  • upgraded endstops ( opto instead of micro)
  • with a “Gregs” extruder
  • a hot-end ( 0.35mm nozzle) ,

It also has a couple of reliability mods to get rid of the side-to-side wobble that some other i2’s suffer from:

  • bolted, cross-braced acrylic sheet holds electronics but more importantly stops sideways wobble,
  • the z-steppers are attached to the z thread with a slightly flexible but very rotationally secure joint, reinforced rubber hose and hose clamps.

Pics and Videos of it printing here:

Make me an offer!

P.S. it’s green!

This is over $1000 worth of kit originally… I’m now pricing this complete and fully working reprap at a one-time only price of $400! Don’t forget it’s fully stainless too!

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