For Sale: Modified Creality CR10 Printer

Up for sale is my CR10 printer which has been gathering dust for a little bit because I’m too impatient to properly tune it.

Since purchasing it it has been upgraded with:

  • Extended CR10 cables
  • EZABL Induction Bed Levelling Probe with USB power supply.
  • Quieter fans (Noctua 40mm most notably on the hotend)
  • E3D Titan Direct Extruder
  • E3D Volcano with 0.8m nozzle. I also have several other sizes to throw in with this.
  • Ikea Mirror tile bed
  • Frame strengthening brackets to prevent Y axis wobble.

It works fine, but will require some tweaking of slicing profiles to perfect it.

$300 or most reasonable nearest offer.

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