For Sale - Nitrogen Dewar and Steam Press

Something for chemists and maybe cosplayers…

I’m moving down to Byron Bay and have some cleaning up to do.

I’ve got them listed on Gumtree but feel free to contact me through here. The items are at my place in bellbowrie but I’m moving in the next week so would prefer prompt pickup. Prices are negotiable.

Singer CSP1 Steam Press $80 ono

Liquid Nitrogen Storage dewar $120 ono

Whats the volume and condition of the dewar? Ie is it servicable? We’ve been idly chatting about making a generator at the space for a while and this would make such a project more feasible.

It’s 25 litres, the specs are here:

I have no idea if it is servicable. I saw no obvious damage on it but I have no way of knowing if the vacuum is still intact or not. It was discarded from a medical centre but I don’t know if it was a case of it being replaced just as part of a service contract change or if it no longer holds a vacuum. I’d imagine if it has a slow leak it might be repairable and/or possible to attach a vac pump to it periodically or as required - all depends on the application I guess, and ultimately - what condition it’s in.

I’m moving to NSW this weekend so am a bit stretched for time.