For Sale: self-propelled automatic mechanical Scooter

I have a scooter that I no longer need. Like most of my stuff this isn’t your usual scooter, but a super energy efficient one. Using a tilting wave board with two ratchets, when you step off to kick yourself forward (or just rock back and forth), your bodyweight transfers energy to the wheels, keeping you going longer between kicks (even indefinitely in some cases) and letting you go faster.

I have literally zero use for it these days and it’s been sitting unused in my shed for a while. Street cleanup is this week for me so I’ll accept any offer or it goes in the bin. Heck even free, it’s a cool gadget I’d hate to see end up in landfill. But best offer gets it!

I’ll have it with me on Tuesday for people to try out and play with (and hopefully offload). :slight_smile:

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This would be useful for going down into the city from the office grin. Easier than a city cycle.

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