Forge Team Meeting 16/04/2023

The next Blacksmithing & Casting Team Meeting will be held on the 16th April 2023 at 10am. The meeting will be held physically on-site and virtually on the Meetings voice channel in the HSBNE discord server.

There will be open forging after the meeting.

As per HSBNE’s Teams Policy, any items requiring a vote must be posted here to allow for 5 days notice to the membership. Any HSBNE member may attend the meeting, but only Blacksmithing & Casting Team members are able to participate in voting. There will be open member forging after the meeting.

Standing Agenda Items:

  • Safety Focus
    • Safe practices of the month
    • Safety issues (if any) requiring remediation
  • General Business
  • Updates on Ongoing Projects
  • Updates on forge area equipment
  • Announcements

Agenda Items:

  • Safety report from CBRE

Agenda: Stand for the switchboard panel so that we can have power in the forge area again.

Meeting will now be held on the 16th April 2023 at 10:30 am

Is there a May meeting this Sunday?

Myself and Zak will be in Sunday morning around 11ish, we could do a quick round up meeting.

We should post the next proper meeting agenda at the end of a meeting so set for next month in advance.