Forge Team Meeting 19/06/2022

The next Blacksmithing & Casting Team Meeting will be held on the 19th June 2022 10am. The meeting will be held physically on site and virtually on the Meetings voice channel in the HSBNE discord server.

There will be Forge area working bee after the meeting.

As per HSBNE’s Teams Policy, any items requiring a vote must be posted here to allow for 5 days notice to the membership. Thus the deadline for agenda items with votable aspects for this meeting is 11:59pm the Tuesday before. Any items posted after this deadline will not be able to be voted upon this meeting and tabled for the next meeting for discussion and team member voting. Any HSBNE member may attend the meeting, but only Blacksmithing & Casting Team members are able to participate in voting. There will be open member forging after the meeting.

Standing Agenda Items:
Checking of volunteer contract roles/tasks
General Business
Updates on Ongoing Projects
Updates on forge area equipment
Voting Items

Agenda Items:

Announcement: Working bee after meeting

Forge Team Meeting 19/06/2022
Opened: 11:11am
Alex Wixted, Fraser Patterson, Zach Forrester, Zac Marcus

Jess Wessling gives her apologies for being unable to make today.

Volunteer Duties - All completed

Updates on Projects

  • Swage block stand working on getting the rotating pin & block to fit nicely before final fit up
  • Zac has begun documenting tools for the wiki, will move onto chemicals etc once mostly up to date.
  • Power Hammer bottom pallet has had the appropriate taper machined into the dovetail, can now be fitted to the hammer. Next fix is to replace the power cable with a large cross section cable, reduce voltage drop to the motor.
  • Fraser has begun work on the scrap metal stillage.

Maintenance Update

  • Forge lining requires a small patch repair. Will complete during working bee today, should be ready for service Tuesday or Wednesday.

Voting items - none


  • Welcome to Zac joining the Forge team as a Volunteer
  • Working bee immediately after meeting

General Business

  • HSBNE has received a large donation of hardwood timber to the space - could potentially be a good opportunity to build the rear wall/doors for the forge area. Will assess feasibility.

Thank yous

  • Thank you to Zach @Zac_Crow for keeping the Forge area swept
  • Thank you to Fraser @Zanshin for maintaining the gas consumables
    *Thank you to Ryan @Ryan1 for his help milling the the power hammer pallet

Meeting closed :11:30