Forge Team Meeting Sunday 18/12/22

The next Blacksmithing & Casting Team Meeting will be held on Sunday 18th of December 2022 at 10am. The meeting will be held physically on site and virtually on the Meetings voice channel in the HSBNE discord server.

There will be open forging after the meeting.

As per HSBNE’s Teams Policy, any items requiring a vote must be posted here to allow for 5 days notice to the membership. Thus the deadline for agenda items with votable aspects for this meeting is 11:59pm the Tuesday before. Any items posted after this deadline will not be able to be voted upon this meeting and tabled for the next meeting for discussion and team member voting. Any HSBNE member may attend the meeting, but only Blacksmithing & Casting Team members are able to participate in voting. There will be open member forging after the meeting.

Standing Agenda Items:

  • Checking of volunteer contract roles/tasks
  • Acceptance of new Volunteers/assigning of roles
  • Safety Focus
  • Safe practices of the month
  • Safety issues (if any) requiring remediation
  • General Business
  • Updates on Ongoing Projects
  • Updates on forge area equipment
  • Voting Items
  • Announcements

Agenda Items:

I’ll be absent this sunday.

Are we able to have the meeting a little later? around 12.30pm?
Also votable item Id propose is for consumable Mig welding gas in form of a Bunnings canister, for use on forge projects. Only requires a deposit and the cost of the gas.

I can do 12:30 pm.

Votable item: Forge area fans.