Forge Team Move - plan and updates

The forge will be turned off on Friday the 11th of August to ensure we have time to pack everything. We will also not be refilling any gas bottles until after the move. We will begin packing immediately and will only have minimal tools available until the gas runs out.

If you have any assets/materials in the forge area, we recommend that you move them asap to ensure they are not packed into shipping containers. You can see the list of the remaining equipment in the forge team stocktake.

We estimate that the forge area will need 6 hardwood pallets and 2 softwood pallets to pack all our equipment.

Packing plan:

  1. Hardwood Pallet 1
    1. 2 anvils taken off stands
    2. swage block
  2. Hardwood Pallet 2
    1. 4 coke drums
  3. Hardwood Pallet 3
    1. 1 coke drum
    2. 1 44 gal drum packed with tools and forge
    3. dishing stumps
    4. vice and stand
    5. jewlers casting sand
  4. Hardwood Pallet 4
    1. jewlers casting sand
  5. Hardwood Pallet 5
    1. flammable cabinet
  6. Softwood Pallet 1
    1. PPE Cabinet and general cabinet

Packup Plan:

  1. Dome
  2. 3 phase

Thankyou @Eris & @Zanshin for helping with the packing today. The plan has been updated avove.

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More pallets needed. The jewellery plaster is self supporting on soft pallets, and can be stuffed on top of anything. We need to package and cover anything except the power hammer to remove the dome. The hammer just needs covering of the electrical components short term. I say abandon any opened jewellery plaster drums. Just keep the fresh stuff. 700kg of good stuff is better than 900kg of maybe stuff.

Anvil pallet is fairly secured now with vice on it.
Also palletised the jewelry plaster.

Will be going in tomorrow to tidy up storage cabinets and a few other items.

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The forge storage area has been cleaned out and packed. The tools, cone, stump and forge have all been packed. The storage cabinet and PPE cabinet are on a pallet.

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