Forge Team Sunday 23/10/2022

The next Blacksmithing & Casting Team Meeting will be held on the 23rd October 2022 at10am. The meeting will be held physically on site and virtually on the Meetings voice channel in the HSBNE discord server.

There will be open forging after the meeting.

As per HSBNE’s Teams Policy, any items requiring a vote must be posted here to allow for 5 days notice to the membership. Thus the deadline for agenda items with votable aspects for this meeting is 11:59pm the Tuesday before. Any items posted after this deadline will not be able to be voted upon this meeting and tabled for the next meeting for discussion and team member voting. Any HSBNE member may attend the meeting, but only Blacksmithing & Casting Team members are able to participate in voting. There will be open member forging after the meeting.

Standing Agenda Items:

  • Checking of volunteer contract roles/tasks
  • Acceptance of new Volunteers/assigning of roles
  • Safety Focus
    • Safe practices of the month
    • Safety issues (if any) requiring remediation
  • General Business
  • Updates on Ongoing Projects
  • Updates on forge area equipment
  • Voting Items
  • Announcements

Agenda Items:

Agenda Item:
Re-assess Volunteer responsibilities with everyone.
The goal is to empower greater ownership of the forge area for all team members.

Agenda Item:
void all existing team budgets

Agenda Item:
That the Blacksmithing & Casting Team accept the proposed team budgets below as standard, reoccurring monthly budgets, with team discretion to spend said budgets as required, as long as purchases meet a reasonable definition of the budget description provided AND has a clearly understandable, trackable task that is located on a HSBNE Inc tracking system and has existed for at least 1 month, unless otherwise specified by the budget.

That all Blacksmithing & Casting Team budget spending must be via HSBNE Inc prescribed payment systems (ie Budgetly), and any budget spending not via these payment systems must be brought to a team meeting for approval.

That the Team lead and any other named volunteers whose specific role includes budget management, reserve the right to veto any spending by the team in order to prioritise fundamental operational expenditure or emergency repair capital expenditure to keep the forge area in a functional and usable state for members.

HSBNE Inc tracking systems currently include: Taskade for projects, specific improvements and future needs; Inventree for consumables and SnipeIT for asset tracking.

Monthly Allocation: Currently $300 per month (as per General Meeting November 16th 2021)

Proposed Blacksmithing & Casting Team Budgets
Consumables - Up to $200 per month, does not roll over.

  • Consumables Budget

    • Includes fuel required for powering the blacksmith forges provided by the Blacksmithing & Casting Team, as well as the necessary lighters and fire starters. Any other consumables must be viewable & tracked in Inventree before they can be approved.
  • Tooling - Up to $200 per month, does not roll over.

    • Covers small, incidental tooling that improves the usability of the forge area and has been added to the Blacksmithing & Casting Team Taskade list. Examples include tongs, brass rulers or assorted marking implements (scribes/punches/squares etc)
  • Forge Area Infrastructure - Up to $100, does not roll over.

    • Covers spending for improving the general comfort, usefulness and functionality of the forge area. Examples include rainproofing/roof improvements, compressed air lines and outlets. Does not cover blacksmith equipment.
  • Safety - $25/month minimum to $50/month maximum accruing balance, up to a maximum balance of $300. The full accrued balance may be spent as required.

    • For the purchase of personal protective equipment, safety interlock systems, or any other item to improve the general safety of the Blacksmithing & Casting area
  • Emergency Repairs $25/month minimum to $100/month maximum accruing balance, up to a maximum balance of $1000. The full accrued balance may be spent as required.

    • For the purchase of repair consumables and/or replacement critical Blacksmithing & Casting Area equipment after irreparable damage. The damage or loss of the HSBNE Inc owned equipment must render the area functionally unusable for this budget to apply.
  • Project Spending - Up to $200/month, non-accruing.

    • For spending on projects that have been identified by the team as a priority to improve the Blacksmithing & Casting area capabilities or functionality. Must have a detailed Taskade project detailing requirements, items required for purchase, approximate timeline and Team member who has nominated to lead the project.

Budget totals obviously exceed our monthly team allocation. It is expected that the blacksmithing & casting team will not spend the full allocation each month, allowing for funds to accrue. However, budgets must also be high enough to be functional when required.

@Zanshin wont be in for this meeting due to other commitments. I’ll bring my sock puppet!