Forging a sword

Hello everyone,
I am part of my local scout troop, and we would like to do our history badge.We have decided to do the Medieval Period. There is an activity section where it suggests making a replica of something from that era. My patrol thought it would be really cool to forge a sword. We don’t have much of an idea of how to do it, but we were thinking something like this: Is this a practical idea, or is it too advanced? How would we do it and would anyone help us with our project?


Hey James, nice project.

I can’t help you with the forging, which is the main bit - but if you want a hand with the wooden handle assembly I can give you some assistance there. I am making a couple of knife handles at the moment which are pretty similar. Good luck!

Thank you, I think we will take up your offer.
Do you know anyone who would be able to help us with the forging however?

Hey mate I can help you with the forging, send me a message through here or through discord and I am happy to help.