Forklift lives again

Attention all ye hackers

The forklift has been revived.

  • Charger is now integrated. It is interlocked so the forklift will not operate while on charge.
  • Oil has been changed. Please do not remove the yellow cap, else rainwater gets in the oil tank :frowning:
  • New batteries have been installed. Please place the forklift on charge when battery indicator starts to drop.
  • Battery isolation plug has been fixed. Please unplug this when not in use.

Cheers all.


Stellar work mate, cheers

Beau is the BOM!!!

Now we can fork things! Hahaha

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ITโ€™S ALIVE! :smiley:

My next question: does the forklift have a wiki page and documentation? Which cause would it fall under for responsibility that it doesnโ€™t get into a state again?