Found; Motorbike Gloves & Glass plate for Drew's heated bed

Hi guys,
Had a great Tuesday this week, a blood moon and the lazer cutter now running on the same night.

However I have noticed somebody (I think its buzz since that’s where his bike was parked) has dropped there riding gloves, I’ve moved these into the green room on the wooden dresser near the front door, I have also attached a parking ticket with this information outlined on it.

Also I have found a ideal sheet of glass for Drew to use on his 3d printer, since I know hes looking for one I have labeled this and put it with the gloves. I don’t know if he reads the forums or not and also have some other information to convey to him regarding something we discussed on the night, so if you meet\talk to him it’d be good if you mention I put the glass there so he doesn’t end up going out to buy some only to find he now has 2 sets.

On a slightly more negative note, the space wasn’t as tidy as it should have been, which left Sam and I (as the last people out) with cleaning to do to get the space back to its usual standard. This isn’t cool people, all that is asked of you to put tools back, place your rubbish in the bin and if you’ve been doing a lot of cutting give the area a 2 second flick with a hand broom, its not hard nor does it need take more than 60 seconds. Although in this vain I’d like to thank Sam, Josh and Mike, among others, for there ongiong commitments of time and effort cleaning and maintaining the place, for all my whining you guys have somehow managed too keep us below critical mess levels for the almost 12months I’ve been at the space, so hats off to you gentlemen.

Anyway sorry for the mini-rant, like I said its been mostly positive things this week, so keep being awesome, enjoy the rest of your week (and to some otherwise very nice people, who know who they are, try to clean up after yourselves).