Foyer Pin board

Continuing the discussion from Agenda for 24/03/2014:

I actually got it half way finished on Tuesday. It’s there with an internal job board already started (things you can grab to help the space out).

###If anyone wants to help finish it:

  • We need to find some more timber to make horizontal supports that can then be fitted to the window frame of the games room. I was looking for recycled timber slats like @rut4ger used for the rest of the foyer to try and make a frame and mount. Anyone seen some?

  • Find a staple gun that works to firmly attach the fabric cover. (I’m bringing more fabric to cover the back side on Tuesday as it will now be seen from the games room.)

  • mount it onto the window frame.

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If I am not mistaken in what your referring to “slats” are the face boards off of disused pallets. I’m lazy so we cheated in getting the wood off the pallets by using the HSBNE cordless circular saw to cut the wood right at the supports on the two ends. That way you only need to bash them off the center rail (which is super easy) rather than spending ages pulling dozens of nails out, and splitting a lot of the boards in the process.

Depending on how many you need it should only take a couple of volunteers a few hours to collect up and process, but obviously the number Karl used took a couple of evenings of mostly his own work. Normally I’d volunteer to do this next Tuesday myself but sadly I’m still off for health reasons, so you’ll want to requisition the help of somebody else with a ute or towbar to pick up a few pallets.