Fraud block on credit cards

Did anybody else get their credit card blocked for possible fraud when the kickstarter ended? BOQ blocked mine.

It seems really strange that a major website like Kickstarter would be flagged as a fraudster.

Kickstarter works through Amazon Payments, so it likely isn’t kickstarter itself being blocked. Especially since it’s the projects on kickstarter that are fraudulent, not Kickstarter itself.

I’ve used amazon payments multiple times so my bank seems ok with it.

Scammers frequently collect your details then wait for another transaction to process before they try to steal your money, in the hopes that you won’t notice the extra missing cash. It’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to find out where your details leaked. :frowning:

Kickstarter Australia doesn’t use Amazon Payments, they have their own payment processor for outside the US so you don’t need an Amazon account to back an Australian project. (However I get charged a foreign transaction fee from my bank every time I get billed from Kickstarter Aus… It seems their payment processor is in the UK, and they bill you in GBP for the current exchange rate equivalent in AUD. Confusing, frustrating and not clearly explained)

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