Free Bike and lawnmower

Hard rubbish is next week and I’m cleaning out some stuff that I don’t need anymore. I’ve got a large Merida bike that needs a bit of work (gears mainly) but the frame is fine aluminium and no cracks.

Also a hand push mower with a broken handle.

If you want either of those for any reason I’ll bring them in and they’re yours.

I’ll take the Merida. Can you send a pic first though?

Any chance I can grab the push mower? I’ve got a robot project I want to do, probably much to my wife’s annoyance, but damn it, I want a lawn death machine!

(For the record, build a safe controlled robotic lawn mower I can drive from the comfort of my home office with phat tunes and a cup of coffee)

I’ll upload pics of both. The mower works (see fresh cut grass)

That type of blade would be mad for a remote mower. Not totally safe but aesthetically pleasing and easy to power.

Yeah I’ll take the merida. Thanks man. I’m not sure where is best to stowe it around hsbne. Maybe members storage? I’ll pick it up with in a week regardless.

I’ll take it! I figure a shroud can be placed over it easily enough, it’s not like I’ll be cutting high grass. Just regular trims.

Hey guys. I meant to bring these in last week but didn’t make it. They went under with most of the rest of my house on the weekend. You’re still welcome to them if you want to make the drive otherwise I’ll shift them into the hard waste pile I’ve got out the front. The address is 81 Butterfield Street, Herston. I’ll leave them near the pile towards the house.

We’re mostly cleaned out now so we don’t need much help but happy to have a chat.