Free Injection Molding Machine for the HSBNE

Hey Guys, I have just started working in an injection molding factory in Beenleigh. Since I started iv had my eye on a small BOY injection molding machine they have here that would look great in the HSBNE! It works fine may need a new display (100$) but works without fine.

So the boss has a large green Engel injection molding machine that is not working (electronics issue apparently, possibly a circuit board repair but realistically could be anything). He has said that mechanically the machine is perfect.

So I suggested to him the other day would he give the small machine to HSBNE if he could get the large Engel fixed for free. He said hed be happy to do the trade if someone could fix the electronics on the engel.

There big complicated machines but im sure the issue is small and I know someone in HSBNE can fix it.
Pictures are attached, a qualified electrician may be needed. I guess the first thing would be removing the boards and having a look over them.

Do we have any takers on trying to get this machine running and getting an injection molding machine for the space? I can help out with this but want to make sure all is done slowly and safely.

Sorry pictures are in this link

I have a feeling we don’t really have room for it at the moment. We can probably help to get the other machine online, maybe the BOY is kept at your work until we get a bigger place? I dunno. Would be mad if we had the space.

Ye sure thats no problem, they basically want the big machine back running. I have the circuit board that is broken. It may not be fixable but its worth a try.
We can come to some arrangement if you dont have the space for it they are prity easy going.

Do you know anyone who is good with circuit boards and circuit chips and likely to help?


I will fix the Engel for the BOY machine which circuit board is fried.

I’m pretty sure someone is on top of this already.

The latest on this is that the engel is proving very tricky to fix but is still being looked at. The company has agreed to donate the Boy machine to HSBNE if they are interested, they can advise on how to set it up etc.

The boss would like membership for a while for free in return, if possible. He would also be interested in teaching people about injection moulding, possibly running a course.

There are old tools supplied that can be re-machined possibly using hulk to create new designs.

Im happy to help someone with this if we can get a team together to do it. Admin would also have to ok free membership and metal shop would need to agree to space for this