Free Printer Toner

My work is getting rid of the following toner cartridges. (with toner)As per list below.
Let me know if you want one or all of them in the next couple of days and i can get them to the space.

Dell toners

  • 1230C, 1230B (x2), 1230M (x2), 1230Y (x2)

  • DR-350 Premium Compatible Toner

  • Dell C920K Toner

  • HP Laser Jet 4000/4050 series Toners (x3)

Dell Toners

  • 1320, 1320C, 1320CN, 1320DN

  • Brother MFC Toners – QI –TN 2025

I have two working LJ4050 here is someone wants to combine them with the toner for a free printer ?

Or if no one wants the printers now - I would probably take the toner and sit them on the printer in the shed till I find someone that does want one.

Ive put the catridges for the 4050 in members storage… my thinking being the bone yard might get too hot to store them

I could make use of a free printer if the offer still stands!

OK - will bring in tonight if I am well enough. I’ll PM you later

I’ve picked up the toner, but 3 is more than I will likely need. If anyone wants one wants one, just PM me and we’ll sort it out.

Thanks David!!

Luke there is still one or two more LJ4xxx here in my garage. So I will grab some of them toners and keep them here with the printers for when someone else wants one.

(I forgot to grab one last night)

Also - obviously - there is at least one more LJ4xxx here is anyone else does want one. They are huge old workhorses athe work excellently for toner transfer if that rings anyones bell.