Freebies: Intel Galileo Dev Boards from Microsoft

Microsoft are giving away Intel Gallileo Dev boards as part of their push for an open source Internet of Things.

These are yocto linux dev boards and are very nice (I believe they may end up being cheaper than rasberry pi)

Thanks nog. I saw you post this on hack the evening and signed up :slight_smile:

anyone got theirs yet?

No, mine hasn’t turned up or any kind of shipping notice so I Guess they reneged.

I did the original sign up stuff and got a “welcome” email… etc.

I also recently got a generic marketing email saying that it was “overwhelming” and that unless I’d received an email that confirms I’m getting good one… or got an email with a tracking number… then sorry it won’t b happening. It was more marketing speel but that was the gist of it.

Yeah, I’ve never gotten a reply from Microsoft about it so I think I can assume that I won’t be getting a Gallileo. Maybe they read my intention of trying to fry an egg on the chip.

Got the same email as buzz.