FS> Hextuple (6) 24" LCD array

For sale is a hextuple (6) LCD array, from ACER 24" screens (AOC) panels, debezeled and custom frame. Has been working great since I built it, no longer really have a need for it.

Asking $800-1000, negociable. Would really like to see it getting some proper use rather than sitting here and not getting used much.

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Very nice. What’s the OS support like? Can windows or linux actually handle this many screens in one desktop? Do you need a special video card for 6 outputs?

OS support is fine for both windows and linux. The eyefinity 6 and 12 cards have a modified framebuffer utilizing a larger bank of ram, so it is presented (at minimum) as just a huge resolution monitor (or several depending on config).

You do not need a special video card for 6 outputs but there are caveats.

Windows: If you buy a 6-head card, no problems. If you use 2 or 3 PCI-express cards at once, the auxillary cards may/may not be ‘asleep’ when doing 3d rendering, so you might only get the performance of the primary card, which can suck, because at huge resolutions you really need grunt for gaming.

Linux: If you use multiple cards you can in some instances have problems ‘stitching’ the displays together. For instance, to have one huge desktop you likely have to use something like Xinerama which has compositing and 3d-rendering issues. Last check nvidia only had TwinView which meant you could have dual monitors with 3d rendering per X server, so you’d have to run 3 at once, and use synergy for mouse/keyboard traversal. and fullscreen apps would run on the one x server. (max two screens for any app). This may have been changed in recent years.

Thanks for that. A few years ago I was using Linux with 3 monitors at work across 2 cards and found much the same issues you mention. There was no one good solution.